Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help?

1My CV is good enough, why should I get a CV buildup from you?

Your CV might be good considering its Appearance & Design, but the priority by the recruiters is firstly the content and appearance. We frame your Resume/CV in such a way that it is compliant with the ATS (Application Tracking System) which increases the ranking of the candidate’s resume on the job portals & similar platforms and therefore having better conversions and more chances of getting shortlisted.

2 I get calls, but no interviews are scheduled. Will you help me get interviews?

YES. As a part of our service not only do we help you get interviews, but also provide assistance and guidance by initiating mock interviews, hacks, and tips by our experts throughout the interview process. Also after the interview, if you require any assistance we are available.

3Will you guarantee a job?

MyPM offers a job assistance program and not a job guaranteed program. In the assistance program, we enhance the candidate’s profile in such a way that it is eligible over a long period thus providing you the right job as well as apply for jobs on your behalf as per your preferences.

4 Who is the Portfolio Manager?

A Portfolio Manager is a dedicated individual who has the expertise and experience relevant to the job search process. He/She will be assigned to you for the entire process providing you proficient services as mentioned throughout the service period at MyPM.

5 I have paid services, what different are you?

The services offered on other platforms are scattered, some provide only building and boosting your Resume, some only highlight the key points, some only apply for jobs. An individual ends up spending a very hefty amount for each of these services separately. We provide end to end services considering every aspect personally, for your job hustle at a very affordable price which is unmatched to other costs elsewhere.

6 What is the process to register?

Go to “Our Services” page on our website Choose the best deal and click on “Buy Now”.

7 What will happen after I register?

As soon as you register, you will receive an email with an Introduction to the services and acknowledgement to the payment. Later a dedicated Portfolio Manager will be introduced & assigned to you who will discuss your requirements, request you to share all the relevant information about your profile and proceed further with all services mentioned.

8 45 days is very less. What if I do not get a job after 45 days?

We build your profile in such a way that it is permanent throughout your employment journey lifelong. Adding on, we have a network of 30,000+ companies across different domains. We first reach out to relevant companies through our network which gives you a very high possibility of getting shortlisted for job positions. We use multiple other platforms parallel so you start receiving responses faster than usual. At times it also happens that recruiter’s / companies revert to your job applications after 45 days, your portfolio manager will still assist you with those opportunities.

9 What jobs are you providing?

We cater to candidate requirements where we provide a “job search experience” and not a specific job role.

10How are you different from a recruitment agency?

A recruitment agency assists candidates with a particular role as per the company requirements whereas MyPM caters to candidate requirements and helps them with options based on their preferences.

11How will you help me reach relevant job opportunities?

We cater to services with detailed specifications as per your preferred industries and job role, which fetches you a job as per your requirement. We apply in reputed companies on your behalf through our 30000+ companies network as well as on various job portals.

12Can I pay after I get the Job?

As mentioned above we offer a job assistance program and not a job guarantee program. You pay for the service experience and not the job.

13Your cost of services seems expensive, is there an alternative?

We provide you proficient services which come at a very pocket friendly cost. We do provide certain flexibility, you can get in touch with our team and discuss the same.

14Do you charge any additional/hidden cost other than the service cost?

Never, we do not charge any additional/hidden cost or ask for any commission for placements, we just charge the amount for our services at MyPM as mentioned on our website. Click Here Please Note:

  • There are no additional/hidden charges over and above the charges mentioned on the pricing page.
  • No employee of MyPM will call regarding additional charges/hidden charges.
  • If you receive any such call, kindly contact us on 8369898741.
  • We have no branches & subsidiaries.