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Resume Analysis

Automated or manual resume evaluations are steps in a multi-step process known as resume analysis. The idea is to efficiently extract important information.

Compensation Range

A compensation range is the range of wage a company is willing to offer for a certain position. Both employers and employees make use of pay scales.

Industry Analysis

An industry analysis is an activity that examines the whole industry and its past performance, current scenario, and future forecastings.

Social Profile Analysis

Social Media could have a strong impact on the professional areas. Your social media handles could get you to a better place if aintained systematically.

Resume Builder

Get a professional resume produced by professionals if you need a competitive edge when applying for top positions.

Dedicated Portfolio Manager

The portfolio manager will guide you through the initial stage and will also ensure that your CV reaches the company, gets you real-time application tracking update, making things easy for you.


Your journey from the base to get you placed

Mr. Rahul is a candidate who has worked as a financial controller for more than 12 years. He succeeded on his first attempt to complete CA. Given his qualifications and skill set, he is really worried about his career. In addition, he is a skilled professional who constantly delivers, and he sincerely wants something exceptional for himself. He locates MyPM and contacts us...
Step 1
Dedicated Portfolio Manager
We warmly welcome him and are acquainted with Mr. Rahul's whole profile. We are knowledgeable of his skill sets. We consider his work history and the projects he has completed before designating a Dedicated Portfolio Manager for him.
Step 2
Resume Analysis
The Dedicated Portfolio Manager's first task will be to review the CV. They will perform a complete resume analysis during which the flow will be examined. They'll check to make sure all the information was entered accurately. proper phrasing, flow, etc. Consequently, we give Mr. Rahul the report.
Step 3
Resume Building
Once the analysis is finished in its entirety, we start the resume building process. We assist Mr. Rahul in organizing the entire CV. Here is where editing and structuring start. We swiftly expedite the procedure by quickly preparing the full structure.
Step 4
Cover Letter Building
The next thing we do is compose the cover letter. A cover letter is crucial for facilitating a smooth recruitment and selection process. Our experts assist with cover letter Building and raise the degree of preparation for the application.
Step 5
Industry Analysis
The next thing we'll do is provide an industry analysis. Here, we give the applicant a thorough introduction to the sector. We provide them with comprehensive information and discuss how Mr. Rahul's decision to proceed might be influenced by it. This helped Mr. Rahul in identifying the ideal industries to focus on for his forthcoming endeavor.
Step 6
Compensation Analysis
Once Mr. Rahul is certain of everything, we assist him in determining the pay range. We provide assistance with compensation analysis to determine the best payscale that people with a candidature like him receive. We continue with the process after benchmarking a specific compensation.
Step 7
Social Media Analysis / LinkedIn Analysis
Here comes the most important part where we help Mr. Rahul in managing his social media profiles. Being a finance controller, Mr. Rahul can be found on websites where he can mention his business experience. For each candidate, we conduct a social media analysis / LinkedIn analysis that is pertinent to their job profile.
Step 8
Job Portal Management
The next step is Job Portal Management, which is extremely vital. We facilitate Mr. Rahul in making his job portals as effective as possible. Since they are so thorough and precise, it is almost certain that good businesses will contact Mr. Rahul about an opportunity or that Mr. Rahul will filter the opportunities that are currently available.
Step 9
Once the expectations are established, the Portfolio Manager begins contacting all the businesses that match Mr. Rahul's background and skill set both inside and outside of MyPM's network. The job application management process gets him to the interview stage as soon as possible. The applicant is likely to be called for multiple interviews at this point because the application is so strong.